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Allergy Health Testing offers allergy tests, food intolerances tests, gluten/coeliac tests, digestive tests, hair mineral tests, candida, risk assessment tests, thyroid, adrenal and female hormone testing. With dairy intolerance, wheat intolerance, allergies, lowered energy levels, infertility, IBS, depression & obesity on the increase, now is the time to find out about your health. 

The majority of the tests are stress free as completed in the comfort of your own home. A telephone explanation with a qualified nutritional therapist is available on receipt of the results of your health test. 

Intolerance/allergy Testing
Do you wonder if you have an allergy or food intolerance to a particular food? 
Do you think you may have a dairy or wheat intolerance? 
Have you started to notice less energy than you used to or struggling to concentrate? 
Do you suffer from an unexplained aliment that the doctor has no answer for? 

You may be suffering from an allergy or food intolerance. An food allergy is inherent in your genes whereas a food intolerance can be caused by enzyme deficiency, chemical sensitivity or immune response. 
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Allergy Health Testing

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